The Dalles Heat Pump Repairs Team at A1 Heating & Cooling

 — Trust Only a Trained Technician

As a dual-purpose system, your heat pump works around the year. Regular maintenance and service will keep it in top-performing condition. However, even the best name brands (Ruud, Carrier, Trane, Lennox) can experience a breakdown. When this happens, you need timely assistance and quality heat pump repair by a trained, certified technician. Avoid the hassle of having to replace the heat pump and invest wisely in engaging the services of a reliable heat pump repair company.

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The Dalles heat pump repair technician will thoroughly evaluate your system before determining the root cause. When getting your heat pump repaired, the technician assesses the following:

  • Ducts, filters, blower, and an indoor coil, are inspected thoroughly (upon your request)
  • Airflow is measured and verified (if determined, it’s helpful)
  • Refrigerant charge is carefully measured and verified
  • The technician checks the precision of the thermostat
  • Motors are well lubricated; the belt is checked for tightness and wear
  • The technician verifies the electric control sequence and makes sure that the heating system is locked out when the cooling system is in operation
  • Inspections are performed on the electric terminals. Connections are cleaned and tightened (a non-conductive coating may be applied if the technician deems it necessary)

Call A-1 Heating & Cooling at 541-705-7658 or 503-548-7013 for professional heat pump repair in The Dallas, Hood River, Wasco County, and the vicinity. 

We service and repair heat pumps from all the leading brands in the industry, including Ruud, Trane, Carrier, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Coleman, and Lennox.

Efficient Heat Pump Repairs Keep Old Man Winter Outdoors

Ever been through the nightmare of winter being inside your home or office? If you have ever experienced the discomfort and inconvenience of a heat pump not working in the dead of winter, you don’t want to remember the feeling! With winter approaching, now is an excellent time to get those heat pumps in great shape. Don’t wait until your system is broken to call in a heat pump repair technician. Get a timely check-up done now.

A-1 Heating & Cooling has been providing quality heat pump repairs, installation, service, and maintenance in The Dallas, Hood River, Wasco County, and the vicinity.

Call A-1 Heating & Cooling at 541-705-7658 or 503-548-7013 for professional heat pump repair.

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