From August 1, 2016 to Novemebr 30, 2016, we offer limited-time discounts for residential tune-ups in the Portland merto area in time for the fall and winter heating seasons.

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Ruud Ultra Series™
Communicating Modulating Gas Furnaces equipped with the Comfort Control²…

How It’s Different and Why It’s Better.

While the Ruud Ultra Series™ 90 Plus Modulating Gas Furnace equipped withthe Comfort Control2System™ is a highlysophisticated heating product, the conceptbehind it is quite simple.

Ruud Ultra Series™ 90 PlusModulating Gas FurnaceA conventional furnace is either“off” or “on” at 100% capacity dependingon the demand for heat. Thus, thetemperature in your home goes up anddown, varying as much as five degrees,while the furnace cycles.

The Ruud Ultra Series™ 90 PlusModulating Gas Furnace equipped withthe Comfort Control2System™ is seldom“off” and seldom “on” at 100%. YourRuud Ultra Series™ 90 Plus ModulatingGas Furnace equipped with the ComfortControl2System™ is so quiet, you maynever know it’s on. And it’s so frugal withboth gas and electricity, that it hasperhaps the highest overall efficiency*of any furnace.

This furnace has a superb A.F.U.E. rating of 92% or greater. However, A.F.U.E. considers only gas and not electricity consumption. The electrical savings of this furnace are substantial when compared to a conventional 90 plus furnace design. Ask your contractor for an estimate of savingsin your area.

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Daikin Ductless Heat Pumps
Daikin’s range of mini-split systems is ideal for limited outdoor space…

Available in ducted models too!

With passion and precision, Daikin is redefining how the world thinks about cooling and heating.
Daikin Split Systems are a perfect fit for ductless or ducted homes

Daikin Split Systems are a perfect fit for residential applications
and are also used extensively in schools, universities,
hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, office buildings, data
rooms or churches and a multitude of other light commercial

A number of Daikin products that are sold in North America are Energy Star® qualified.
They are known for their outstanding energy conservation and performance. An Energy
Star labeled product assures the customer that the system purchased meets or exceeds the
Energy Efficiency Specifications and testing requirements of the ENERGY STAR® program.
It not only provides the homeowner with a more sustainable and environment friendly
solution, but helps lower significantly their cooling and heating bills.

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Ruud Ultra Series™ 16 SEER
Two-Stage Premium Condensing Unit Equipped with the Comfort Control²….

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Bryant Model 127A delivers
Value-conscious American families can count on Bryant comfort.